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Meet Our Scholars

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Claudia Chiang-Lopez

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Cultural Studies and Multicultural Education



Claudia Chiang-López is a first-generation immigrant and transdisciplinary researcher-activist. They are a Ph.D. student in Cultural Studies and a Graduate Certificate student in Multicultural Education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. There, they also work as an instructor for Gender and Interdisciplinary Studies. They earned their Master’s in Communication and Bachelor’s in Multidisciplinary studies at UNLV.

A disabled queer educator of Color, who was pushed out of traditional education, her dissertation will focus on the agency and counternarratives of disabled educators. Claudia is also working with an undergraduate researcher to expand on a project looking at how gender performance and sexuality are policed in figure skating.

Claudia has been an Institute for Teachers of Color Fellow twice and is currently an American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education Graduate Student Fellow.

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