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Meet Our Scholars

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Damien Niesewand

Kingsborough Community College

Liberal Arts


Community College

David C. Kleiman Scholarship

Damien Niesewand is a bisexual, genderfluid poet, currently located in Brooklyn. He is presently enrolled in the Liberal Arts program at Kingsborough Community College, where he balances his 4.0 GPA with being the President and Treasurer of the Media Club. Her future aspirations include transferring to Brooklyn College, where she will major in Psychology with the ultimate goal of getting her Psy.D and becoming a therapist for LGBTQ+ children and adolescents. As someone who has spent most of his life in and out of various therapist’s offices, Damien believes that the field of psychology has an incredible diversity problem. She believes that everybody deserves a mental health professional who can understand the fundamentals of their identity without being forced into the role of educator, and that cultural competency should be a bare minimum — not a bonus. Outside of school, Damien works with children in various summer camp and personal roles, where his goal is to be the kind of supportive adult in their childhood that he still remembers from his own. She also moonlights as a voice actor, a writer, and a graphic artist. Ultimately, his daily goal is to go to bed a better person than when he woke up, and to leave the world a kinder place than she found it. 

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