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Meet Our Scholars

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Dani Moore-Porter

Edmonds Community College

Web Application Cloud Development


Community College

Wendell Reid Scholarship

Dani is a mixed-race lesbian who was raised in the suburbs of Kirkland, Washington. Being raised in a heteronormative culture was challenging for Dani. She battled alcoholism to try and hide from who she truly was. She struggled with being comfortable in her skin and with general acceptance for many years. In Spring 2011 was Dani’s first involvement in an LGBTQ group at her first college Lake Washington Institute of Technology. It was an exciting experience for her to converse and vote on LGBTQ matters. Specifically, creating a safe restroom space for all genders was the focus. Shortly after, the college built the first gender-neutral bathroom. It was the first Dani had seen in her area. From there Dani participated in Marches annually during Seattle Pride, where she was able to connect with her peers and be herself. Recently, Dani began facilitating a recovery meeting where she translates gender binary literature into genderfluid terms which helps LGBTQ peers who are trying to get sober hear the message of recovery. In addition, she provides LGBTQ meeting information and sober events. Dani’s current plans are to complete her Web Application Cloud Developer AAS-T with honors. Then she plans to work for a diverse tech company where she can apply her passion for coding and give back to the LGBTQ community using her newly learned skills. After establishing herself in the tech industry, she plans on continuing her education by completing her B.A.S. in Information Technology Application Development.

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