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Meet Our Scholars

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Daniella Sirleaf

Temple University




Daniella Sirleaf aspires to be a congress member. In her homeland of Liberia, Africa, many activists were persecuted for speaking against corruption and injustice. The government waged war on the innocent, and she has the privilege of exclaiming equality for her fellow minorities who are marginalized and mistreated! Daniella wants to make it illegal to wage war on civilians, advocate for immigrants and refugees, and legalize LGBTQ marriage in all countries worldwide. Daniella volunteers to feed abuse victims and the homeless. They see her as an escape from the chaos consuming their souls and they release their pain as Daniella carries their burdens with hands interlocked in hands in prayer, providing peace. Daniella encourages them that their pain is temporary, and they’ll blossom into bliss. She fights for equality by leading AMOUR campaigns. Protesters will march through city streets to spread awareness about social and economic injustices that minorities encounter, so her community can strategize on solutions. Daniella provides local politicians with proposals that increase the employment rate, eliminate homelessness, and create equal opportunity for all.

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