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Meet Our Scholars

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Dannie Barbour

SUNY Orange Community College

Visual Communications


Community College

John Hancock Scholarship

Dannie Barbour has been working in human rights since high school. Way back in 1994 she helped a group of fellow students create a club to end racism and sexism everywhere, known as ERASE. Through the years Dannie has continue to build on that foundation. Attending pride events and volunteering throughout the community. In the mid-2000s Dannie went to work for Human Rights Campaign. Walking the streets of Manhattan soliciting contributions for the Human Rights Campaign taught Dannie the value of grassroots education. In 2010 Dannie joined the Warwick Valley Community Center in creating the Orange County New York pride Center and the yearly Orange County Pride event, which is still going strong to this day. Dannie established a grassroots plan to help end bullying, violence and discrimination. It was originally called the Safe Space Initiative and it was run out of the Warwick Valley Community Center. It had such great success locally that with the help of executive director Brian Baird, they launched Safe Space America. Now with the added help of Patricia McMullen and Madison Capo it has become a nationally recognized nonprofit, under the umbrella of Community Together. It has helped many people throughout the country and you can find Safe Space in every state. Dannie is also a loving mother, daughter, and a 4.0 student. She has dedicated her life to making the world a better place and continuing to do that with a new degree in Visual Communications.

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