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Meet Our Scholars

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David Merino

San Diego Miramar Community College

Business and Law


Community College

JCPenney Scholarship

David Merino’s life has been marked by contributions in law, design, entrepreneurship and community service. He remains inspired in his mission to improve the world around him. David has held positions as a noted interior designer, as a dedicated legal assistant, and as an accomplished web design professional. He has a strong volunteer background with service in community redevelopment in Los Angeles, West Hollywood and San Diego, and has specialized in job training, building bridges between communities and government, and financing charitable causes. In 2014 David experienced significant disability that affected his physical and cognitive health and for years was focused on his recovery. As a once vigorous advocate for the homeless and disabled veterans, David found himself on the other side of the fence. This gave him a unique perspective on both housing-insecurity and disability issues. He emerges from his down period stronger than ever and continues to remain a champion for both causes. Today David has worked to create a small business that uses 3D printing to prototype the ideas of others and consults with businesses on this emerging technology. He remains active in his community and is also attending college on a path to earn a law degree. David has worked to reinvigorate the Phi Beta Kappa club, participates in the Law Student Club, has worked on a simplified introduction to the college for disabled students, and was recently awarded the college President’s Scholarship Award for Academic Excellence.

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