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Meet Our Scholars

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David Watkins Jr.

Monroe County Community College



Community College

Michael J. Jeffrey and Jeffrey J. Mitchell Scholarship

David is from Monroe County, Michigan. He lives with his grandparents along with his two sisters. He has always been a shy kid, but has developed himself into becoming a creative and bright young man. He has always tried to be his own person and always tries to find unique ways to express himself. Whether it is customizing a tux for a school dance or coming up with a witty iconic catch phrase, David is always full of surprises, leaving his friends and family only wanting more. David has always been a fan of music. In high school he played in band and even paved his way to be part of Wind Ensemble, which is considered to be a very advanced music class. David has always tried to serve his community. He is in Student Council, along with the National Honor Society and the Trio Program. He wants to help people show all of their colors, just as he does. David cares deeply about understanding what he is learning and is putting what he knows into his material.

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