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Meet Our Scholars

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Dee Moore

Simmons College




Dee Moore spent most of her childhood moving all over the Southern states. From Alabama to Mississippi, her family eventually settled down in Arkansas. Growing up in the South, Dee was exposed to many different types of discrimination. She became the president of her high school’s gay-straight alliance and worked to provide a safe, educational space for her peers throughout her junior and senior years. She worked closely with the local LGBTQ organization’s youth program to help schools in the Northwest Arkansas area establish their own gay-straight alliances. After graduating from high school, Dee spent the summer helping run the local LGBTQ youth program. Her biggest concern for LGBTQ youth was the lack of adequate resources for homeless LGBTQ youth in Arkansas. In the fall of 2012, Dee started school at Simmons College to pursue a Bachelors of Social Work and a Bachelors of Communication in a Graphic Design track. She believes a social work degree will give her the tools and knowledge necessary to make changes for LGBTQ youth, especially in the South, and a graphic design degree will give her the skills to “make social justice look appealing.” Dee is a part of many organizations at Simmons with her primary focus being on diversity, inclusion, and intersectional activism. She works as an intern for Class Action, an organization dedicated to addressing issues of class and classism. Dee hopes to better educate herself so that she may stop the cycle of discrimination that she was raised in and promote the dignity and worth of every human being.

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