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Meet Our Scholars

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Derrick Miller-Handley

Pratt Institute

Graphic Design



Tyler Clementi Point Scholar

Growing up, Derrick Miller-Handley survived anti-gay bullying and violence in his neighborhood and at school. Voicing that experience through his art helped Derrick to survive isolation, hopelessness, and thoughts of suicide. At 15, a hate incident outside of the school library compelled Derrick to speak out. At that moment, the need to make change replaced the simply surviving and Derrick has been dedicated to fostering justice ever since. Derrick believes in the power of affirming human experience and our relationships with the world around us through creative endeavors and community enterprise—to ultimately define our world on our terms. Derrick’s work is affiliated with numerous communities and organizations, including GLSEN, Ally Action, Groundspark, NCLR, Community United Against Violence, California Safe Schools Coalition, Pacific Center, LYRIC and The Hetrick-Martin Institute. Most recently, Derrick has worked at the intersection of arts and youth development, creating public works of art in partnership with LGBTQ youth in New York and San Francisco that explore themes of health, gender, race and community. The 2011 Tyler Clementi Point Scholar, Derrick graduated with Highest Honors from Pratt Institute in 2015 earning his BFA in Communications Design, Graphic Design. Derrick has been recognized for his design work and academic achievement, including winning first place in the 2014 Amazon Fashion Studio Sessions editorial design competition, selection as a finalist for the 2015 international poster competition and featured at the juried 2015 Pratt Design Show.

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