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Desiree Harris

York County Community College



Community College

Coca-Cola Scholarship

Growing up in a single-parent household with his mother in Indianapolis, Indiana Desiree Harris experienced struggles with finances, her medical issues, and disabilities. Desiree has been a fighter and though she was born with a cleft palate, she knew that she would be able to set the world on fire. Desiree lived through several experiences of being teased throughout school and learned how to be strong to face the world. Desiree is an only child, and grew up in a family  that didn’t discuss education or school. As an adult, Desiree lived at home until she met her ex-wife and they moved out together. While going through a divorce, Desiree fights every day with the challenges that she is not deserving of a life full of being accepted and loved. She continues to return to the knowledge that, as she has had to fight since the beginning of her life, she is a fighter who will not only earn an associate’s in forensic social work, but also someone that will reach her goal of becoming a social worker. Life is far too short to not live fully.

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