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Meet Our Scholars

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Desmine Austin

Langston University

Science and Nursing



Desmine is a strong, spiritual, loving, confident, and caring individual. She takes pride in her family and helping all those around her. She has dedicated her life to being the best she can be and growing and learning from mistakes. Desmine graduated high school in 2008 and then went on to obtain a degree in 2013. Education has always been a treat for her because knowledge is important. She loves community work and lending a helping hand. She enjoys serving others in her spare time: activities include picking up trash, recycling, cooking for the less fortunate, and, her favorite, singing at church. Desmine is ready to finish this two-year journey so she can be fulfilled in every way. Destiny doesn't just go away; it has followed her all of her life. No matter how hard she has run from finishing nursing school, it keeps coming back to her heart. She wants to be a pillar for her children and everyone who loves and supports her. When she wins, they win too!

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