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Diana Trotman

Queensborough Community College


Community College

Diana Trotman is a psychology major at Queens Community College. Her professional intention is to become a counseling psychologist so that she can assist others to overcome the challenges of each day. They would like to be in a position to assist different human beings to improve the satisfaction of their lives. Many human beings throughout the world combat disabling intellectual problems and disabilities. Diana wants to be capable of assisting with to coping with their problems and disabilities, and overcoming intellectual and emotional challenges. While being a psychologist can be demanding at times, Diana believes it is additionally a very enjoyable and pleasant occupation. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with social anxiety and depression, which affected her and her academic study. It was a terrible time period for them as Diana was in and out of school and their grades had dropped. It looked almost like Diana was going to drop out of high school. She changed several therapists and went to so many counseling sessions and changed several high schools, but in the end, Diana graduated high school.

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