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Meet Our Scholars

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Eleni Pacheco

San Antonio College

American Sign Language: Interpreting Track


Community College

Alvin O. McCray and Jason M. Rudman Community College Scholarship

Anthropologist and sex educator, Eleni identifies as a life-long student of reproductive justice. After picking up their first Cosmopolitan Magazine at the age of 10, language, culture, and sexuality have been staples in Eleni’s daily conversations for decades. With a little more education and a lot more experience, they’ve made it their mission to redistribute power through information and see sexual wellbeing as foundational to world peace. In their work, Eleni’s focuses on innovating sex ed in a way that centers historically misrepresented and underrepresented communities. They believe the path to wellbeing is formed through a sense of belonging, authenticity, and autonomy. By bringing real people into the process of creating sex ed programs, they hope to change the cultural narrative from fear, shame, blame, and violence to one of safety, security, accountability, and celebration. A future PhD candidate, Eleni envisions a society where equity is reality. Their plan is to study economics through a feminist lens and work to dilute capitalism by developing other values-systems and sustainable modes of exchange for the people, by the people. Outside of work and school, Eleni is a singer in their local LGBTQ choir, a frontlines activist, a writer, reader, artist, daydreamer, and the go-to dining table for friends and family.

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