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Meet Our Scholars

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Elias Lawliet

University of California, Los Angeles

Gender Studies



Eli Lawliet was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in Southwest Missouri. He moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and returned to school in 2012 via Glendale Community College. He transferred to UCLA where he sought a B.A. in Gender Studies with a minor in LGBTQ studies. While he was there, he completed award-winning original research on trans Angelenos' experiences with healthcare providers. With Point Foundation support, he graduated summa cum laude with departmental and college honors in 2017. He went on to complete his PhD in Jurisprudence and Social Policy from Berkeley in 2022, where his research focused on the history of the provider's letter, required for most trans people to obtain medical care or legal recognition. After a decade researching trans identity, healthcare systems, and law and policy, Eli chose to use his knowledge and experience to support his community directly as The Gender Doula. As a gender doula, Eli provides full spectrum support to those who are exploring, questioning, or transitioning their gender. He provides support to families and couples as well. Going forward, Eli will be using his research and pedagogical training to create workshops, classes, and resources to support trans folks and their loved ones, and plans to continue doing one-on-one work as well. Eli has supported several Point Foundation Community College grant recipients as a mentor, and plans to continue doing so.

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