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Meet Our Scholars

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Elizabeth Lopez-Sanchez

Broward College




Born from two Mexican immigrants who arrived in the U.S. with little to offer, Elizabeth Lopez-Sanchez is a first-generation college student, proud aromantic, demisexual and sapphic majoring in education. Despite financial hardships, homophobia, mental and physical health issues in her household, as well as racism and prejudice encountered in her K-12 years, Elizabeth’s unwavering perseverance and passion for learning as much as she can– fuels her to excel academically. As Elizabeth proceeds to pursue her degrees and certifications for teaching students, she aspires to create and nurture a classroom where all her students, regardless of ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and status, are welcomed and accepted. One of Elizabeth’s favorite quotes is, “Even if someone forgets your name or what you looked like, they remember how you made them feel– so use that opportunity to leave a positive impact and influence.”

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