Born and raised in Spokane, Washington, Elle grew up in a loving family. After coming out at the age of twelve, Elle experienced abusive behaviors from her biological family, spent some time homeless, and was eventually removed from her biological parents’ house and placed with a foster-family. Because of Elle’s adverse experiences regarding coming out and the loss of her biological family, she is very passionate about the LGBTQ community. She helped begin and held a leadership position in her high school’s Pride Club, and has worked to institute two teacher-trainings regarding bullying and the atmosphere for queer students at her high school. Elle is also deeply passionate about science and is characterized by unwavering curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. She has done research in Spokane partnering with the Lands Council in which she and her partner used gas chromatography to analyze changes in hydrocarbons fostered through bioremediation. Their work is featured in an article entitled “A toxic past and present on the Spokane River.” She is attending the University of Washington on the Presidential Scholarship, where she has been placed direct to her major in biochemistry, with a minor in comparative religion. Elle’s long-term goal is to become a pediatric research oncologist and find specialized, individual therapies for patients with cancer. She hopes that in being an openly gay woman in STEM, she is able to serve as a role model for other young queer girls who have also found the science world lacking in representation.

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