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Meet Our Scholars

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Emily Schraer

Miami Dade College

Biology and Theater


Community College

Emily Schraer was born and raised in Miami, Florida to Argentinian parents. She grew up continuously inspired by them as they both worked multiple jobs to support her and her two siblings. Emily began questioning her sexuality in middle school and realized she was bisexual, but she was ashamed and insecure. After years of self-love and growth, she finally became proud of who she was. Emily started writing for The Reporter newspaper at her college during October of 2020. She also began serving as a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) club and the Yes! Club for Environmental Sustainability in October. Emily began serving as one of two District Ambassadors for the newly formed Changemaking Council, helping college students find their passion for social issues. She soon began volunteering as an Administrative Assistant for a non-profit organization determined to assist domestic abuse and human trafficking survivors. Emily volunteers at the Jewish Volunteer Center and gives private flute lessons to middle and high schoolers. She hopes to transfer to a selective institution double majoring in biology and theater. After college, Emily plans on joining Peace Corps before going to medical school to get board-certified as a Forensic Pathologist. When she is not studying for her classes or volunteering, Emily is usually hanging out with friends, reading, painting glass jars, or going scuba diving with her dad.

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