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Meet Our Scholars

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Emmanuel Berrelleza

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Law and Government Studies



Emmanuel Berrelleza graduated at the top of his class from Dartmouth College in Government and English studies. While loved ones at home experienced scarcity, he reconciled abundant opportunities at Dartmouth. This intense juxtaposition compelled deeper questioning and fueled rigorous exploration for answers his communities await to survive. These questions include: Is there a form of leadership that could end poverty?; Who are the people that directly impact what he saw, heard, and felt?; How could they be reached?

Emmanuel’s exploration has brought his childhood books to life as a Washington DC policy intern, Paris cultural ambassador, Lima nonprofit consultant, New York banker, and as a content creator, team member, server, manager, researcher, debater, founder, scholar, leader, and teacher. He is continuing his education to become a civil rights advocate for high-quality public education so that all students, regardless of their background and circumstances, gain equal access to social mobility.

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