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Meet Our Scholars

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Eric Walker

Wilbur Wright College

Human Resources


Community College

Alvin O. McCray & Jason M. Rudman Scholarship

Eric grew up as a middle child with two sisters in a small town called Harvey, Illinois. He knew he was gay at 6 years old and was sexually abused by a family member at 10 years old. He took the anger, pain, and shame from the abuse to create change in his own life. In school he was bullied for being fat, black, dark skinned, ugly and feminine, but today, he embraces all of those attributes. Throughout high school he did various charity work with American Red Cross, People of Color (POC) groups, LGBTQ groups, and animal shelters while working full time. He wants to use his education and for his own development, and also help young queer kids that do not have the support of their biological families. Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree, he would like to become more involved in POC LGBTQ work and help create fun and safe places for his community.

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