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Meet Our Scholars

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Erin Wilson

Spelman College

Theoretical Astrophysics



Michael J. Jeffrey and Jeffrey J. Mitchell Point Scholarship

All their life, Erin has been forced into gendered boxes that never seemed to fit them. Whether it was wearing certain clothes to look more feminine, or acting a certain way to please their parents, Erin has always felt that something wasn't quite right. It wasn't until summer 2020 during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic that Erin finally found the language to describe themselves as a trans-masculine lesbian. Now, Erin seeks to help others find the language needed to become their most authentic selves.    Erin is a senior Physics major at Spelman College. They are also the president of the Spelman College Society of Physics Students Chapter, where they arrange physics demonstrations for young Black students in the surrounding Atlanta West End area. Due to the stark underrepresentation of Black marginalized genders within physics, these demonstrations are incredibly important for creating a foundation for young, marginalized students to explore their scientific passions. Erin’s ultimate goal is to receive a PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics with a research focus on black hole kinematics. They then plan to become a professor and teach Astrophysics and Cosmology at the university level.

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