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Meet Our Scholars

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Ernest Hunter

Santa Monica College

Computer Science



Hunter is a first-generation college student who grew up in South Central Los Angeles. His current goal is to transfer to a four-year university and study film and computer science. He has always had an affinity for technology and filmmaking but, growing up, never had the opportunity to explore it because of his family’s financial constraints. In addition, Hunter was raised by a single hardworking mother, as his father spent his entire childhood and youth in prison. He wasn’t able to have the things other children owned or had access to, so instead, he utilized the free resources he received at school and spent hours at the local community library to feed his insatiable appetite for knowledge. Hunter’s life wasn’t easy, and each day he tries to improve it through the opportunities he has been given, like applying to scholarships such as Point. In addition, Hunter is also a member of the Salvadoran National Fencing Federation, and his goal is to become the first to win an Olympic medal for El Salvador. Hunter strongly believes that dreams can come true -- we just have to chase them and turn them into reality.

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