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Meet Our Scholars

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Ezie Nguyen

University of Texas at Dallas




Ezie Nguyen is a third-year medical student pursuing a doctorate of medicine with concentrations in LGBTQ and urban underserved health at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Their heart and life work have always belonged to the community and will always reside within the community. Ezie completed their undergraduate studies in public health and theater at the University of South California. They pursued HIV work for years prior to starting medical school. First, as a research fellow at the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, they researched PrEP usage and accessibility among Thai MSM and transwomen to advocate for policy change. Then, as an HIV tester with the Washington AIDS Partnership and as the director of HIV prevention at the Men's Health Foundation in Los Angeles. They are interested in psychiatry as a specialty with the goal of continuing mental health advocacy and accessibility for LGBTQ populations. They are currently doing this work as a student through the Trans and Gender-Diverse Care Interest Group, a group they founded, and the AGLP Student Committee. Their current research involves assessing barriers to mental health services among trans populations in Bangkok. In their free time, they serve as a crisis-line volunteer for King County, Seattle.

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