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Meet Our Scholars

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Ezra Athar

University of Arizona

Biomedical Engineering



In 2022, Ezra was working on making a confocal microscope for retinal cancer detection, specifically made for low-resource areas. They are passionate about finding low-cost solutions to modern health problems and plan to pursue this goal throughout their academic research as well as their career. As part of their current role as a resident assistant in the university dorm, Ezra works on recognizing diversity in students, educating them on BIPOC and LGBTQ history and culture, and creating an inclusive and safe space for all. Recently, Ezra has been proud of their team for achieving first place in their internship at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Ezra led this team and loved working with them on developing an ultrasound-guided training phantom for medical students to use in low-resource areas. They proved to themself and the world that their creativity and ambition could really make a significant impact on the quality of people’s lives. Lastly, one of Ezra’s dreams has been to create a startup offering prosthetic limbs with client-centered designs and provide artistic self-expression for people with disabilities to regain control in their lives and their bodies, and they hope to see it through.

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