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Meet Our Scholars

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Felipe Gomez

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Marketing and Management



Wells Fargo Point Scholar

During fall of 2004, Felipe and his mother immigrated from Colombia to the U.S. in hopes of an improved future. However, what they received was a life full of belittlement, homelessness, adversity and poverty. Growing up in the ghettos of Chicago and Miami, Felipe knows what it means to have absolutely nothing. He invested his time and energy into school, but when high school began, Felipe’s only safe-haven was destroyed by the constant bullying and hate he received for being different. After a year of horrid experiences, he decided he had to make a change. Felipe became the first student in his school to come out as gay, and then also became the first student in his school to create a Gay-Straight Alliance. At first, his fellow students were not accepting of him. However, when Felipe began implementing the GSA’s mentoring program, as well as educating the school on gender/sexuality topics and debunking popular misconceptions, the GSA’s membership flourished. His school eventually became extremely tolerant and Felipe graduated in 2017 with summa cum laude honors. His life goal is to create a nonprofit that caters to abused, queer Latinx teens from demotivating households, as well as creating a society more socially aware and accepting of queer people and immigrants.

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