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Meet Our Scholars

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Fern Romero-Mora

Cerritos College


She/Her, They/Them

Community College

Fern was born in Mexico City. Coming from a background where the choices were limited Fern’s mother had the courage to enter the United States with Fern. At an early age, Fern fell in love with learning and she looked forward to “bothering” her teachers with her questions. In high school Fern realized that she was pansexual. The lack of conversations about sexuality and the lack of support in her home caused Fern to struggle with self-acceptance. During this time, Fern struggled with anxiety and depression. She reached out for help and was referred to a behavioral therapist. The supportive individuals in Fern’s life have empowered her to overcome her obstacles. Fern’s struggle with mental issues is not a weakness, but it is a catalyst for her resilience.

Fern currently attends Cerritos Community College where she declared chemistry as her major. In college, Fern began working as a tutor; her tutoring experience has inspired her to pursue teaching as a profession. Fern also enjoys working with professors as a lab aide. In the summer of 2021, Fern will be working as an intern in a science museum. She feels grateful to work with others who encourage critical thinking and provide informal education to the public. Fern plans on eventually achieving her PhD in chemistry. She hopes to break down more barriers as a first-generation, queer, Latina, mental-health advocate, and science professor.

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