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Meet Our Scholars

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Francisco Lagos

Chaffey College




Francisco is a world traveler and a linguist who speaks more than four languages. He has spent almost half his life living abroad as a student, teacher, and volunteer. During his time abroad, he taught children, volunteered in hospitals as an interpreter, and offered ESL classes in remote regions and online.

Eight years ago, Francisco's role shifted from being a linguist and a teacher to now working as a massage therapist, yoga instructor, and nutritionist. He spent three years in Asia working with Thai masters and Indian doctors where he deepened his knowledge of massage therapy and nutrition.

He currently resides in California where he is pursuing a degree in nutrition and science, so that he may better understand the human body and its nutritional needs and thus better cater to the needs of members of his community. He works as a freelance yoga instructor, massage therapist, and blogger. He uses his social media platform to promote awareness of healthy eating habits, exercise, and the importance of massage therapy and how it heals the body.

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