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Meet Our Scholars

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Frank Matasaka

New York University




Frank Mataska graduated from NYU with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in filmmaking and a minor in earth & environmental science. After graduation he finished two years of service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Jamaica. While there, he worked at an All-Age School as an Environmental Educator, inspiring students and teachers to tackle local ecological issues like soil erosion, flooding, air pollution and lack of water, while also leading an award-winning Environmental Club and managing a USAID grant to incorporate ICT into the school's curriculum. In addition, Frank helped to revive the local agricultural group – which continues to grow with a membership of 50 farmers – as an outlet for education, community representation and fundraising. In 2010 Frank graduated with honors from John Hopkins University and is currently living in Baltimore where he is applying for jobs in Pediatrics and Public Health Nursing. Frank also recently received the John Hopkins Student Outreach Center Community Service Award and a Cherokee Uniforms 'A Nurse I Am' scholarship.

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