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Meet Our Scholars

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Frankie Niyonyishu

Hawkeye Community College




Francine "Frankie" Niyonyishu despite being a curious person, is quite simple in nature; they enjoy old television shows, classical music, and jazz. They spend their free time either sitting in bed reading a book or sitting on the floor and painting. They enjoy helping out whenever they can, with whatever they can. Frankie is interested in learning new languages, for example, French and Japanese. The only thing that Frankie knows for certain about themselves is that they want to become a teacher. They want to be to others what their favorite teacher was to them; kind, helpful, and understanding. They want to teach English. Their interest in teaching the language came from their mother asking them to help her study for her citizenship test. They helped, went with her to every test and eventually, their mother finally passed. It took a while for the idea to plant itself in their head. One day, they were speaking to one of their teachers and just thought to themself, "I want to be this for someone." There isn't very much that Frankie can tell you about themselves, they're still in the discovery period, still learning and growing and experiencing, and still looking to learn.

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