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Meet Our Scholars

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G Matthews

Columbia College Chicago




G grew up in the Chicago area and is an expressive creative. They are a first-generation college student with a drive to help others explore and achieve their best selves. They currently work at their school’s student diversity and inclusion office supporting the development of the Rack: a free clothing, toiletry, and sexual health product service aimed at creating a safe environment for students to find clothing that is affirming to them and their expression. They’re currently a part of the school’s Asian Student Organization and were previously involved in the school’s Animation Association. After undergraduate school, they’re going to pursue a master’s degree in information and library science. Since taking classes in LGBT history and gender culture, they’ve decided that they want to help further collect and archive important LGBTQ history. Their main ambition within the library science field is to help develop collections that are diverse and that are easily accessible to society’s most vulnerable.

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