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Meet Our Scholars

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Gabrielle Zwi

Montgomery College

Political Science and Music


Community College

Bryan Fitzgerald Scholarship

Gabrielle Zwi proudly identifies herself as a queer Jewish Latina with chronic illness and mental disorders. Growing up at the intersection of so many issues and identities has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the importance of intersectionality in any social justice work. Gabrielle strives to amplify voices that have not been heard, through music as well as more conventional forms of advocacy. She believes that music can change hearts and minds, so she writes and sings songs that promote peace and acceptance, whether they’re songs directly about her experiences with activism, or typical-seeming love songs that happen to normalize queer relationships. Gabrielle recently released her first album, “Without a Label,” comprised of eight original songs which do exactly that. Outside of her musical pursuits, Gabrielle is the founder and lead organizer of DC Teens Action, a group that aims to unify students from all over the DC area for social action and civic engagement projects across a broad range of causes and experiences. She also serves as a Commissioner on the Human Rights Commission of the City of Rockville, Maryland. Gabrielle is currently a student at Montgomery College in Rockville, where she studies Music and Political Science in the Scholars Circle Honors Program. She is planning to transfer to a four-year university after getting her associate’s degree from Montgomery College, and hopes to attend law school after that.

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