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Meet Our Scholars

scholars - art

Graciela Cain

Florida State College at Jacksonville

African American Studies


Community College

Alvin O. McCray & Jason M. Rudman Scholarship

Graciela is from Jacksonville, Florida, a place that is commonly referred to as the bold city of the south. Yet, they have found it to be a place of hidden systemic oppression. Throughout the years, they struggled to find a space in their Mexican and African diaspora, only to feel confused, ostracized, and disoriented.  After a devastating car accident in 2016, they found hope and acceptance by carving out their own haven. They soon learned to make noise in the void of historic silences. In the summer of 2018 Graciela created a dance party called Duval Folx in direct response to violence to Black, transgender and non-binary people in Jacksonville. The community continues to inspire Graciela to form their own space and build capacity for the movement. Graciela has made it their life’s mission to continue to create safe ecosystems for BIPOC, queer and transgender youth in the South. After several years of working independently as a musician, community organizer and care coordinator Graciela returned to higher education to fulfill their vision. They hope to bring their perspective as a direct service worker, community organizer, musician, and deep knowledge of nonprofits to academia. Graciela currently attends Florida State College at Jacksonville where they aspire to obtain their associate degree in art. In the future they hope to transfer to Georgia State University and major in African American Studies.

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