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Meet Our Scholars

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Hadden Kelley

Georgia Institute of Technology

Environmental Engineering



Coming out in ninth grade as the first ever openly LGBTQ student at his conservative high school in South Georgia, Hadden Kelley has faced much opposition in his life. Despite this, Hadden has not let it hold him back. Striving to promote equal opportunity for those in his community, Hadden spent his high school career working to help LGBTQ youth in his community. He made sure that they had access not only to emotional support, starting Albany, Georgia’s very first LGBTQ support group, but also financial support, working with his local park and zoo to provide safe and healthy workplaces for LGBTQ youth in the community. Through this organization, Hadden leads fellow workers and volunteers in conservation efforts, outreaching to communities across the Southeast to entertain and educate people about the environmental impact they have on our planet. Because of these efforts, LGBTQ youth in Albany, Georgia, are for once given the opportunity to give back and become an active member in their community. Hadden graduated from his high school in 2016 with the title of Class President. His life goal is to provide clean and safe water to every last corner of the earth, as well as to find a more reliable and environmentally beneficial energy source.

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