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Hally Etienne

Santa Monica College

Music Business



Haleluyan Etienne was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, to an African American father and an Ashkenazi-Jewish mother. Etienne's parents were both young, emotionally unavailable, and incapable of raising children in a healthy and nurturing environment. Etienne's father left when she was two years old, and at age eight, she was taken out of her mother's care by the government due to physical abuse and neglect. Before she could go into the foster system, Etienne's grandmother took her into her care and became her legal guardian until she moved to a boarding school at 14 years old. Etienne had many traumas to cope with, but her love of music and the belief that one day she might break her familial cycles of dysfunctionality and use her success to help those with similar upbringings kept her going. In 2015 Haleluyan Etienne moved to the United States to pursue a career in the music industry. However, she went back for a few months in 2016 to participate in a singing reality show called "The Next Star," where she made it to the top ten. In 2017, Etienne began working on her own music and released her first single, "Still Cares" in 2018.

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