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Meet Our Scholars

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Heather Stephens

Irvine Valley College




Heather Stephens is a 30-something-year-old writer from Southern California, but that isn't where they call home. After having their first child in 2007, they relocated to Seattle, Washington, where they lived for eight years. Seattle was their home, and they intend to return to attend the University of Washington upon graduation. They have written eight fantasy novels and are currently writing more, in the hopes of super-launching a self-publishing career once a backlist has been established. Writing is their passion, and it has been ever since they learned to read at age 3 when they first discovered their love of stories and storytelling. They have a passion for reading as well, one they have shared with their nonbinary child, who often comes to them for recommendations. Heather is a devoted advocate for cat shelters in the states of Washington and California, and before getting ill, often volunteered their time and what spare money they had. They have five cats whom they love. They dream of a future in which they do what they love and support their family while doing it.

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