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Meet Our Scholars

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Huy Le

The University of Texas at Austin




Huy Le (he/him) is someone you can catch holding a cup of coffee. Graduating as the first international student valedictorian in his high school history, he’s a Distinguished College Scholar in the top 4% of his class. With student government, he spearheaded advocacy efforts in public health-based COVID-19 response for the university, co-authoring more than five resolutions for students’ well-being and academic success. As a peer educator, he promoted healthy behaviors. He led the creation and pilot testing of a university-wide survey about students’ well-being within classrooms and how professors can modify teaching methods to meet students’ changing needs. He works as a resident assistant who has supported 200+ students, resulting in him earning Rookie of the Year and Resident Assistant of the Year. Translating his passion for research in population health and community building, he conducts an integrated literature review about youths and their structural barriers toward health equity. He leads resolution efforts through the nursing student association, empowering others to use research for change through writing and being vocal about issues. He hopes to work in adolescent psychiatry and, eventually, in public health and policy areas to eliminate barriers to good health.

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