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Meet Our Scholars

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Indigo Wright

University of Chicago

Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Creative Writing



Madeline (Indigo) Wright is a junior at the University of Chicago studying Critical Race and Ethnic Studies and Creative Writing. Indigo has worked with a variety of arts and education organizations to make education accessible to everyone, specifically people impacted by prisons and policing. Outside of academics, Indigo works with various community organizations such as the Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project, #DefundCPD Arts & Propaganda Committee, as well as on-campus organizing spaces. They also serve as a college counselor for Black high school students through the Ron Brown Scholars Guided Pathway Support Program and they are a writing instructor for the HUMA courses at the University. Indigo intends to earn a master’s and doctoral degree following undergraduate school with the hopes of utilizing their degrees to continue organizing and teaching liberatory politics both inside and outside prisons. Aside from their work, Indigo enjoys collectively creating joyful spaces for Black queers to share and exist freely through art, music, and food. Originally from South Los Angeles, Indigo hopes to impact at-risk communities both in Chicago and Los Angeles.

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