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Irfan Mahmud

Harvard Law School


He/Him & They/Them


Took Trust Endowed Scholarship

Graduate Student Irfan Mahmud is a child of Bangladeshi-American immigrants who grew up moving around the U.S. and ended up in Saint George, Utah. He has always been very passionate about diversity and inclusion especially in less welcoming communities, which is where he has spent a lot of his formative years. His first experience in advocacy came with helping to create the GSA at his high school. As a Muslim American in post-9/11 America, he has experienced islamophobia, which has made him passionate about countering discrimination and ultimately brought him to the study of law. Upon attending Harvard College, Irfan became involved with the Harvard Foundation, a diversity and inclusion office on campus, and the Institute of Politics working in the nexus of policy and diversity work. He also served on the Junior Board for the Y2Y homeless shelter in Harvard Square, working to provide LGBTQIA+ youth homeless a refuge and resources. After graduating, he worked at McKinsey & Co., where he served clients from industries all over the world. He was on the founding team of the first annual Alliance Conference, a global convening of LGBTQIA+ leaders in business and government. At Harvard Law School, Irfan is training himself to be an advocate for vulnerable communities and learning civil rights law and policy, and he is proudly a member of the Lambda chapter on campus. He hopes to one day use his legal training to advocate for vulnerable and underrepresented communities in the political process.

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