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Meet Our Scholars

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Jamar Williams

Harvard University (Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School)

Public Policy & Business



Jamar’s story is a product of the sacrifices of his Black father, born at the cusp of the Civil Rights movement, and his mother who immigrated to the U.S. from South Korea. Growing up, Jamar spent much of his childhood grappling with parts of his identity that constantly felt in conflict with one another. Finding it easier to focus his attention elsewhere, he invested his energy in school. He majored in Gender Studies at Yale where he met people who for the first time in his life empowered him to have pride in his identity as a first-generation college student and queer person of color. Eager to use his education to effect change, Jamar joined Deloitte’s Government & Public Services practice as a consultant in 2017. At Deloitte, Jamar worked on many international development and social impact projects, ranging from promoting effective governance and democracy in Tunisia to helping organizations in Cambodia better support survivors of trafficking. He also served as a Public-Private Partnership Funds Manager for the United States’ leading initiatives focused on defending and advocating for the human rights of vulnerable people around the world, including those within the LGBTQI+ community. After four years of consulting, and motivated by events surrounding the murder of George Floyd, Jamar decided to refocus his attention domestically. With an unrelenting commitment to the communities that he comes from and a yearning to honor the work of public servants who came before him, Jamar is pursuing a joint MPP/MBA at the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School. Looking ahead, he’s excited to design and leverage public-private innovations in education that improve the lives of BIPOC and LGBTQI+ youth across the U.S. 

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