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Meet Our Scholars

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Jamel Catoe

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Organizational Science and Sociology



Jamel is a gastronaut, gaymer, and lifelong learner who is passionate about helping others. Jamel has donated his time to several nonprofit organizations that advocate for social justice and foster inclusive communities including New York-based LGBTQ-serving organizations like Audre Lorde Project, GMHC, Project Reach, and APICHA. Jamel founded Theta Delta Sigma Society (TDS), an organization that envisions a world where everyone is united and embraced as their authentic selves. Through TDS, Jamel has empowered hundreds of individuals to be inclusive leaders and uplift marginalized communities. Jamel received his bachelor’s in communication from the University at Buffalo and master's from the University of Connecticut. He is currently a student at University of North Caroline, Charlotte where he is pursuing graduate degrees in Sociology and Organizational Science. Jamel’s research aims to understand the experiences of marginalized people in the work context. He sees “work” as a mechanism for empowerment, freedom, and well-being. After he earns his doctorate, Jamel hopes to continue a career in higher education as he believes that BIPOC and queer students need to see more people like them in leadership positions. Jamel is the treasurer of the LGBTQ+ Graduate Coalition and a sub-committee chairperson in the PhD Project’s Management Doctoral Student Association.

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