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Meet Our Scholars

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Janene Avery

Collin Community College




Janene is a disabled black queer woman that is finding a place for herself in this world. She is an intelligent creative that has an open mind and a hunger for learning. She has many passions and hopes to pick up pottery again since she took classes in high school. Reading novels started when she was in fourth grade. Many of the passions she picked up were by just being bored and open enough to take a crack at something new. Having a career in sleep study is a literal dream come true. Sleep is not new to her. When she read novels in school she came upon a book about lucid dreaming. She has been hooked ever since. It wasn’t until the day of her graduation that her counselor introduced polysomnography to her. She was ecstatic and it has been on her mind ever since. Unfortunately, upon the discovery of the position she did not have the means to go to college right after high school, so for four years after graduation, she pushed herself to start careers she did not want. Now she has mustered the courage to go back to school like she knows she’s meant to do.

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