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Meet Our Scholars

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Jasmine Flores-Nunez

Santa Rosa Junior College

Fashion Design


Community College

Jasmine is a genderfluid person from Santa Rosa, California. They grew up participating in theatre their whole life and found their love for clothing and fashion at a young age. Raised by a single mom, they were taken care of by many people and lived with their grandma for a summer when they were nine years old. This was the summer that they learned to sew and patch up their clothes. They used these skills in future performances to help tailor costumes, and to start small projects with their dolls’ clothes.

Jasmine plans to study fashion design to provide people with clothing that helps them feel seen. They aspire to change the fashion industry’s manufacturing process to be more ethical and sustainable. They are studying at the Santa Rosa Junior College and will transfer to a four-year university in the fall of 2023.

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