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Meet Our Scholars

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Jeremiah Baldwin

The University of Texas at Austin

Government, Rhetoric and Writing, and African and African Diaspora Studies



Jeremiah Baldwin was born and raised in a religious community in Corpus Christi, Texas, until he started his undergraduate education in Austin, Texas. Growing up, Jeremiah did not disclose his sexual orientation because he was fearful of how people in his community would react to his identity as a Black gay man. As someone with intersecting identities, Jeremiah is an extremely passionate advocate for marginalized communities, especially Black LGBTQ people. To commemorate his first Pride Month, Jeremiah hosted a podcast series during the summer of 2021 that discussed aspects of Kimberlé Crenshaw’s intersectionality theory related to the LGBTQ community. The podcast is titled “Caught At An Intersection The Podcast.” It seeks to challenge the predominantly white and Eurocentric narratives that dominate mainstream Pride Month discourse here in the United States. Ultimately, Jeremiah plans to attend law school and become a civil rights lawyer who advocates for the rights of marginalized LGBTQ people in the United States and worldwide.

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