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Meet Our Scholars

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Jeremiah Baldwin

University of Texas at Austin

Rhetoric, Government, African American Studies



Jeremiah Baldwin is a senior at The University of Texas at Austin studying government, rhetoric and writing, and African and African diaspora studies and minoring in LGBTQ/sexualities studies and educational psychology. Growing up, Jeremiah chose not to disclose his sexual orientation because he knew he would be treated differently because he is a Black gay man. Though Jeremiah has faced difficult experiences because he holds multidimensional identities, he remains a passionate advocate for marginalized communities, especially for other Black queer people. To commemorate his first pride month, Jeremiah hosted a podcast series that referenced Kimberlé Crenshaw's intersectionality legal theory as it relates to better understanding those with multidimensional identities. "Caught At An Intersection The Podcast" sought to challenge the predominantly white narratives that exclude Black people from LGBTQ spaces. On his campus, Jeremiah is a part of the Gender and Sexuality Center's Peers for Pride program, where he is learning how to lead workshops geared towards educating people on how to be effective allies for the LGBTQ community. After graduation, Jeremiah plans to pursue a dual law degree and doctorate to create an equitable reality for marginalized communities here in the United States and across the world.

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