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Jermisha Frazier

California Institute of Integral Studies

Human Sexuality



Jermisha Frazier has supported individuals and organizations to drive culture change and increase their accountability through programs and initiatives designed to address biases, conflict, and systems of power for well over six years. Her expertise lies in advocating for equity for all marginalized communities through education and identity exploration in ways that proactively confront harm while ensuring all participants feel safe enough to be brave. From analyzing data and establishing forward-thinking programs to serving as a subject matter expert on the implications of intersectionality on experiences, Jermisha excels at directing strategic enhancements while communicating openly and routinely with internal and external stakeholders. She has designed and facilitated over 30 interventions and programs relevant to implementing change, engaging in courageous conversations, and authentically building rapport with diverse communities. With each of those programs, she was able to prompt the entire community to advance their understanding of incorporating anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices into their praxis by effectively articulating information and responding honestly to questions from participants. In Jermisha’s previous roles, she has demonstrated her ability to lead people through change and engage partner organizations through one-on-one consultations, co-creating strategies, and curating a platform for shared resources.

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