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Meet Our Scholars

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Jez Marston

Yale University

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology



Will J. Levy Point Scholar

Jez Marston was born in Miami, Florida and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. Coming to terms with his sexuality and queer identity in a country often deemed as the 'most homophobic place on earth' (Time Magazine, 2008), he struggled to imagine a future as an out LGTBQ individual. Proudly raised by a single mother, he found a passion for learning and science as a teenager. Jez came out as a junior in high school to a supportive family, and he publicly came out upon entering college. Jez attended Yale University and was a pre-medical Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry major. In his first year at Yale, Jez co-directed an LGBTQ affinity group for freshman and worked as a queer peer counselor. Seeing a need for promotion of LGBTQ identified STEM students, Jez founded the Yale chapter of oSTEM and serves as its president. He is also very involved in the Sexual Literacy Forum at Yale, a student-run semester-long workshop on sexuality, identity, privilege, and well-being. In his final year at Yale, Jez will serve as a peer liaison for the Office of LGBTQ Resources. In that capacity, he will welcome LGTBQ- identified students to Yale and provide them a connection to the broader LGBTQ community. Jez plans to dedicate his future career to addressing inequities in health care, specifically those facing LGBTQ youth and queer families. In addition, he aims to work toward improved LGBTQ competency training for medical professionals across training institutions. He hopes to serve as a model of what is possible for future LGBTQ youth.

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