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Jolina Barron

Northland Pioneer College

Associates of Arts


Community College

Jolina Barron is a queer multiracial woman currently living in Holbrook, AZ and attends Northland Pioneer College as a full-time student. She was born in Sewickley, PA but has also spent time living in California, New Mexico, and Arizona. Since her childhood, Jolina has experienced many challenges regarding her identity in her lifetime including bullying from her peers, being a sexual abuse survivor, and living homeless. But these challenges have only motivated her become a strong advocate for issues concerning social justice such as LGBTQ+ homeless youth, women’s rights, and mental health awareness. Her extra-curricular involvement at her college has included serving as Student Government Association secretary and co-founding the PRIDE club. Living in a small town, people who identify as LGBTQ+ are often discriminated against or experience homophobia within their community. Jolina has directed projects that promote LGBTQ+ visibility while also creating a sense of community like organizing soup kitchens and food drives with the PRIDE club. She is currently studying for a transfer degree in Arts, but her next academic goal is to study in Social Work at Northern Arizona University and graduate with a BSW in 2023. After completing her education, Jolina wants to use her degree to connect homeless LGBTQ+ youth to the resources they need to help stabilize their lives and cultivate their futures.

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