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Meet Our Scholars

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Joonwoo Lee

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Counseling Psychology



Joonwoo Lee is a doctoral student in counseling psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a lab member at the Trans CARE Collaborative. His research and clinical focus are on working with trans and nonbinary individuals. He is particularly interested in understanding and addressing internalized transnegativity and parental relational trauma among TNB individuals. Currently, Joonwoo is working on a research project that investigates how complex trauma affects TNB people’s sense of self and others and resilience to minority stressors. He is also currently at a community mental health center as a therapist-in-training working with the BIPOC LGBTQ community with complex trauma history. As part of the Trans CARE lab, Joonwoo is involved in developing intervention strategies for trans people of color with a radical healing framework. He also enjoys spending time with his partner and friends and trying new places and activities.

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