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Meet Our Scholars

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JT Huynh

University of California, Davis

Professional Medicine and Primary Care



JT Huynh is a second-year medical student, Community Health Scholar, and academic researcher at UC Davis School of Medicine. JT worked as a community organizer and health educator before seeking medical training, serving in organizations focused on social justice and health equity. They are collaborating with local community organizations on several projects around health disparities among transgender youth experiencing homelessness (YEH). Their ultimate goal is to establish best practice guidelines for health professionals and inform policy initiatives for impactful intervention at all levels of the medical system to improve the health of transgender YEH. JT prioritizes mentorship and continues to advise students they have known since their undergraduate years along with founding the Queer and Transgender Youth in Healthcare organization at their medical school. JT is thrilled to continue their partnership with community members and improve their Spanish proficiency with the goal of being the best doctor possible.

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