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Meet Our Scholars

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Juan Carlos Cisneros

Los Angeles City College

Dental Hygiene


Community College

Coach Dream It Real Scholarship

Juan Carlos is an example of how one can hit rock bottom and still succeed. From being a victim of child abuse, addiction, and homelessness, he has found a way out by seeing and living his life through the eyes of LOVE. He believes that once you learn to love unconditionally, life begins to really change for you. Over the past nine and a half years, Juan Carlos has been cleaning kids' teeth in a pediatric dental office. Because of these kids, he is now aiming to become a traveling dental hygienist to clean teeth in the comfort of their homes. He has also completed the certification program for children with special needs in child development with the Los Angeles City College District so that he may have much more credibility when dealing with this population he loves. His passion for working with kids comes from his success over the years working with them, and he is also the number one most requested employee and highest reviewed employee on Yelp and Google at his job. He wants to motivate, inspire, and mentor those in need.

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