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Meet Our Scholars

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Julie Schell

Teachers College, Columbia University

Higher Education



Julie is the senior educational research associate in the Mazur Group in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. With the support of Point Foundation, Julie completed her doctorate in Higher and Post-secondary Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her dissertation, written while she was a Point Scholar, was awarded the dissertation of the year from the post-secondary education division of the American Educational Research Association. Julie completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University in 2012. She has an M.S. in counseling and educational psychology and a B.S. in health sciences at the University of Nevada, Reno. She is an international expert in teaching and learning and speaks and writes extensively on educational innovation across diverse contexts, including disciplines and geographic locations. Julie is the Co-Founder of the Peer Instruction Network, a global social network for innovative educators and founder of the education blog, Turn To Your Neighbor. Julie was part of the leadership team that developed Point Foundation's Mentoring Program, something she considers one of her proudest accomplishments. Julie resides in New York with her wife and their African Basenji.

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