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Meet Our Scholars

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Justin Parker

University of Connecticut

Political Administration, Communications



Justin was born in the Crescent City of New Orleans, Louisiana. Justin had a unique childhood due to himliving in the foster care system at a young age with his three older brothers and younger sister. He movedfrom Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ to Baton Rouge, LA and finally a small town called Hutto on theoutskirts of Austin, TX where he lived with his father and stepmother. Throughout his younger years,Justin lived in a strong Christian household due to both of his parents being pastors and regularly attendedhis family-owned church. Justin questioned his sexuality and believed he was gay in middle school, butfelt embarrassed of his identity. His Christian beliefs and sexual orientation weren’t compatible. Afteryears of questioning, he finally came out to his friends and family in 2018. He faced constant backlash inthe church and at school by his friends, family, peers, and teammates. After graduating high school, Justintook a year off and then joined the United States Navy to explore the world and to serve his country.During Justin’s time in the Navy, Justin became more involved in his ship’s organizations and Justin tookan active role advocating for other shipmates who identified as members of the LGBTQ+ community byhosting town hall discussions to discuss the discrimination and issues that him and his shipmates faced ona daily basis. He served two years in the Navy stationed at the USS Constitution in Boston, MA andNaval Station Newport in Newport, RI. Justin re-invested in his goals from early childhood by becomingmore involved in his local government meeting with the Former Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, now USSecretary of Labor and other local elected officials to advocate in the City of Boston. Justin is nowattending Austin Community College (ACC) in Austin, TX where he hopes to create a more inclusive andfriendly community for LGBTQ+ students while majoring in Government/Political Science. He serves asa Commissioner for the City of Austin’s College Student Commission, Vice-President of ACC’s StudentVeterans Association organization, and Parliamentarian for ACC’s Student Government Association. Healso is an active member of the ACC’s Enrollment Services Committee and a Congressional Intern for USCongressman Lloyd Doggett. After ACC, Justin plans to transfer to American University in Washington,DC to major in Political Science and pursue a Master’s in Political Communication. Justin has aspirationsto pursue a career in politics to help advocate for issues that he has faced in his early childhood as fostercare, domestic violence, sexual assault and to be a voice for fellow veterans and members of theLGBTQ+ Community.

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